Great Food in London

Want great food (fresh ingredients, prepared with care) in London?  It’s a very big city, so for those willing to look for them, there are many options.  One good one, especially if you’ve been browsing the stalls of Old Spitalfields Market next door, is St. John Bread and Wine.  Their simple, but elegant presentation of great dishes will make you wonder why England sometimes gets a bad rap for food.

By the way, this is also a restaurant where you can get a taste of “offal” based food (if you’re a bit adventurous).  That’s food made from the “off cuts” of livestock.  It once made up the bulk of the meat consumed, but with the wide availability and demand for premium cuts, it fell by the wayside.  Despite it’s lack of wide appeal, however, there are still some wonderful dishes that can be made using these off cuts.  St. John Bread and Wine is among the better bets to sample some of those with the confidence that it’s been done right.

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