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Hiking Lower Dewey Lake Trail in Skagway, Alaska

Avoid the tourist crush and try the Lower Dewey Lake trail.  It’s great because it is easily accessible from downtown Skagway and a short walk from the ship. It can be a short trip by hiking just to the lake, or longer by hiking around it too. There are also trails leading to Devils Punchbowl and Upper Dewey Lake if you have time – and energy.

When walking from the ship towards town turn right at the train station. At the end of the road you will see a Brown trail sign. The beginning of the hike is a fairly steep switchback trail. Once you get to the lower edge of the lake, it levels off and is a pleasant stroll among the Spruce trees. The trail is maintained. Once at the far end of the lake, you will see a bulletin describing how the lake once produced electricity for the small town. From here you can retrace your steps or go around the other side of the lake. This side is a more ‘natural’ trail and not maintained. You will encounter large rocks, tree roots and uneven terrain. Towards the end you will cross a stream with a small bridge and have the option to go to Upper Dewey Lake or back to town. This takes about 2 hours round trip depending on your pace. Of course bring bottled water and a snack if needed. I wore a rain jacket which I later tied around my waist.

The goal then is to go to the Skagway Brewing Company (not as crowded at the Red Onion and a nice walk through town) for a cup of their awesome chowder and their Spruce Tip Blonde Ale. Bonanza is also a good spot. You will see more locals hanging at this pub. Enjoy!