Things to do in Anchorage: 1 day activity when taking a red-eye flight.

Tony Knolles Trail – Biking or walking.

After you finish your cruise line transfer from Seward to Anchorage, many times people have an entire day to kill before taking a flight after midnight. Your transfer from Seward will drop you off in the downtown area (usually the Egan Center at 555 W 5th Ave).  It’s easy to navigate the area as the East/West Streets are numbered Avenues and the North/South Streets are lettered (for example,  Coastal trail begins at 900 W. 2nd Ave. – at ‘I’  Street and 2nd Ave).

The Tony Knowles Trail is a nice way to spend the afternoon.  It  is a wide asphalt trail going along the coast of Cook Inlet, past the popular Margaret Egan Sullivan Park on the Westchester Lagoon. If you are just interested in a long walk, this is a good destination. You can simply turn around at the park and follow the trail back or go north of the park and work your way back into town on the residential streets (this area of town is very safe). If biking and you continue on you will encounter rolling hills and some sharp turns through wooded areas as well as residential. You can continue all the way to a stop where you can sit and see jets fly right over your head from the Anchorage International Airport (see map below).

For close and reasonable bike rentals see these 2 links:

After your energetic day and back in town looking for something to eat, The Downtown Deli (525 W. 4th Ave.), popular with both tourists and residents offers a variety of options in a casual atmosphere. Around the corner is the infamous ‘F’ Street Station, a popular place for both bush and jet pilots. For a such casual place, they offer an upscale menu with mostly local fresh fish items.

Enjoy your day in Anchorage!

PS – A taxi from downtown to the airport is $25-$30.

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